989 Baby Scar Projector

989 Baby Scar Projector

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The 989 Baby Scar Projector that we offer is used to check welds using gamma radiography. Shielded by Lead and Tungsten that protect the device from external elements, the scar projector makes use of 75Selenium that has a 20Ci activity maximum. The device is lightweight and compact and are used to check areas affected by heat from welds especially in pipelines and other industrial structures. Furthermore, the projector provides a safe and convenient means of performing radiography in places having a high worker density. The projector results in a considerable decrease in affected area and aid in performing controlled exposure tests that is difficult to achieve with other radiography systems.


  • The projector can be operated manually or by making use of pneumatic actuators.
  • 989 Baby Scar is a directional beam device and results in minimal exposure.
  • Its compact size ensures portability and ease of use.
  • The product is made using superior grade components and thus offers a long service life.