Defectomat CI – Compact Intelligence

Defectomat CI – Compact Intelligence

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This Defectomat CI – Compact Intelligence device is designed for quality testing as well as process monitoring of a range of long products. It is developed to conduct hot testing and bright steel processing steps.  This is designed to be operated in contactless as well as non-destructive manner as per the eddy current method. In addition, it is used to detect short defects like holes, transverse or localized defects. It is also ideal to detect the defective materials with its fully automatic design.

Features of Defectomat CI – Compact Intelligence:

  • Defects can be easily classified, marked, and mechanically discarded
  • Testing speed is 150 m/s even at high production speeds
  • Ideal for low operating costs processes
  • Perfect for non-destructive eddy current testing of wire, tubes, rods, and profiles