DSM-5R Dose Rate Meter

DSM-5R Dose Rate Meter

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Extensively used in sectors such as healthcare, emergency response, radiography and the nuclear industry, Dose Rate Meter DSM-5R is a compact hand held device that provides precise dose and dose rate measurements. The device has a rugged build and has a large back-lit display that can be read with ease. Furthermore, the meter can be connected with PC’s to create data logs. The device can store up to a maximum of 1000 readings. It can be set to display either bars or numeric values and the audio-visual alarms can be programmed. Equipped with a GM tube that is halogen-quenched, the device is shock proof and capable of detecting gamma radiation.


  • The device provides accurate measurements and has a rugged build.
  • The LCD display can be read easily even under direct sunlight.
  • Alarm settings can be re-programmed.
  • The prices at which the product is offer is among the lowest in the market. 


Specifications of DSM 5R Dose Rate Survey Meter :-

  • Sensor : External, shock-proof, halogen quenched GM tube
  • Radiation Detected : X-Ray, Gamma
  • Energy Detection Range : 50KeV to 2MeV
  • Minimum Radiation Detection : 0.1mR/hr
  • Maximum Radiation Detection : 5R/h
  • Measurement Units : Roentgen or Sievert
  • Display : High resolution graphic LCD with white back light
  • Display Resolution : 0.1mR or 1mSv
  • Connectivity : USB 2.0 compliant
  • Power Requirement : 4 nos AAA Size Alkaline Cells
  • Operating Temperature : -10 dec to 50 deg C
  • Weight : 220 gms
  • Dimension : 80mm X 125mm X 36mm

Features :-

  • Small, Rugged and Light weight Handheld Design
  • Dose & Dose Rate Measurements
  • PC interface for data logging & reporting
  • Two Programmable Audio & Visual Alarms
  • Choice of Bar Scale or Numeric Value Display
  • Large Display With Backlight