Gamma Radiography Products

Gamma Radiography Products

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Gamma radiation is a natural radioactivity procedure. Much like x rays, gamma rays are also electromagnetic radiation and are considered the most energetic form of electromagnetic radiations. However, gamma radiation features a very short wavelength (even less than 1/10th of a nanometer). This gamma radiography procedure as such employing radioactive isotopes can detect various kinds of internal defects and inhomogeneities in a wide range of material. Our line of industrial Gamma Radiography Products made in consonance with requirements of gamma radiography procedures are structurally robust, functionally reliable and find great use in the field of non-destructive testing. These Gamma Radiography Products can also be availed in budget friendly prices.

Main Features:

  • Equipment are available in specially constructed designs

  • Designs can be customized as per client demands

  • Equipment are made in sync with latest non destructive testing needs

  • Products are fabricated to offer reliable performance at low cost