Pocket Dosimeter

Pocket Dosimeter

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Pocket Dosimeter is a device used to alert the user when he or she comes in contact with the x-rays and gamma rays. This is available in the size of a fountain pen to ensure easy wearing in pocket. It is designed with a small ionization chamber having two milliliters volume with a central wire anode that is attached to a metal coated quartz fiber. This is available with sturdy design to ensure minimum wear and abrasion when exposes to harmful rays. By testing the reading periodically, the user can easily determine the exposure during specific procedures.

Features of Pocket Dosimeter:

  • Rugged and precision instruments designed for measuring different quantities of gamma and x radiations
  • Easily clipped to a pocket or lead apron
  • Easy-to-use and energy-saving dosimeter
  • Widely used in portable radiography, fluoroscopy as well as angiography