PY­1 Permanent Magnetic Yoke

PY­1 Permanent Magnetic Yoke

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The PY­1 Permanent Magnetic Yoke is renowned for its sturdy construction and reliable magnetic testing speed & accuracy. Weighing only 400 grams, the yoke has become an easily portable choice in the market. Its simple functions and easy to operate features have increased its demand in the marketplace. The PY­1 Permanent Magnetic Yoke has absolutely zero power requirements which makes it a economical alternate to other energy consuming testing equipment. Further, it is suitable to be used in both wet as well as dry procedures of powder applications. Owing to such unique features, it has become a favorite choice in the chemical industries.

Some other facts:-

  • At a pole spacing of about 100 mm, the offered can lift up to 18 kgs of weight.
  • It is famous in market for its reliable and glitch free operational service.
  • It is also used with trust in petrochemical industry as well as offshore testing programs.
  • The accuracy of its result is approved by numerous industrial experts