Sensor System For Rotating Probes

Sensor System For Rotating Probes

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The Sensor System For Rotating Probes is backed with a set of top quality rotating discs that are proficient in scanning profiles as well as flat materials. The system can easily detect the tiniest exposed longitudinal surface defects on blank materials. The high operational efficiency and durable service life of offered Sensor System For Rotating Probes have increased its preference in the market. The ability of the system to display accurate results with fast speed also makes it a clients' favorite. The patrons appreciate its because of its immense structural strength and stability that ensures its glitch free functioning even under harsh working conditions.

Salient features:-

  • The diameter of offered system's test material ranges between 2 to 130 mm.
  • System can perform without any failure under high temperature conditions
  • The evaluation signals are continuously provided by clearance compensation of the system.
  • The sensors used in the system are of latest technology.