Sentinel Gamma Ray Projector

Sentinel Gamma Ray Projector

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Armed with the expertise of our trained professionals, we can come up with innovative designs in our line of Sentinel Gamma Ray Projector. These projectors suits needs of various industrial radiography sources, including Iridium-192, Cobalt-60, and even Selenium-75. The projectors though structurally robust are light in weight and hence suitable for field use. This compactly built Sentinel Gamma Ray Projector also have low footprint and are quite portable for carrying along anywhere. The patented bodies of these projectors are corrosion resistant and features a well designed and sturdy S tube (made of titanium) with a depleted uranium shield.

Main Features:

  • The projectors are fitted with stainless steel ejection tubes

  • A wide range on offer to suit every situation and application

  • The projectors are uniquely constructed in light weight designs

  • Projectors can be availed in customer specified designs as well