Tungsten Collimators

Tungsten Collimators

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Used to protect users and people in surrounding areas from the effects of radiation, Tungsten Collimators direct radiation beams to a controlled space. The Collimators we offer are an essential part of Industrial Radiography and are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards under the watchful eyes of our experts. Furthermore, the product reduces radiation scattering and produces a better radiography result. The Tungsten Collimators we offer are light in weight and compact owing to which they can be used with ease and are highly portable. Sealed using argon arc welding, the product has a stainless steel cladding that protects it from external elements.


  • It has two shields that ensure that the panoramic radiation beam is at 30 degrees.
  • The Collimator can be attached to radiography cameras (ROLI-1) using a thumb screw.
  • The product is built for rugged use.
  • The tube can be used for both panoramic and directional exposures.