Ultrasonic Couplants

Ultrasonic Couplants

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Ultrasonic Couplants are used as a medium between a test piece and transducer and facilitate sound energy transmission between the two. The product is used in a host of other contact testing applications and is a non-toxic, viscous gel. The use of couplants has become necessary owing to the attenuation effects of sound energy when traveling through air. Manufactured using superior grade raw materials, our couplants are in keeping with international quality standards and can be availed from us at the best prices in the market. Furthermore, owing to the advanced manufacturing process and quality of materials used, the product has a long shelf life.


  • Mitigate acoustic impedance mismatch between transducer and test surface due to air gaps.
  • The couplant is neutral and does not affect the test surface in any manner.
  • Provide a medium for the effective transmission of ultrasonic frequencies.
  • Facilitates conventional non destructive contact testing.