The SENTINEL Sentry and 330 are mobile industrial radiography exposure devices for use in the field . The Sentry 330 incorporate a depleted uranium (DU) shield with an S tube design contained within a welded stainless steel cylinder. These devices have an automatic securing mechanism that automatically secures the source assembly when retracted into the fully shielded position. Device include a handling rib assembly that helps to facilitate lifting and increases the ease of movement of the device. A key safety feature is that both the automatic securing mechanism and front port cover are protected by stainless steel tube extensions that are welded into the main body of device.

330 Sentry Radiography Devices Features :-

  • Model Sentry 330 Authorized Contents :
  • Isotope : Cobalt-60, Half Life : 5.27 Years
  • Gamma Energy Range : 1.17 to 1.33 MeV
  • Approximate Working Thickness for Steel: 50 to 150mm
  • Device / Source Maximum Capacity : 330 Ci/12 Tbq Co-60

Technical specification

DU Shild

485 lbs (218 kg)


500 mA

Working Thickness for Steel

50 to 150 mm

Maximum Capacity

330 Ci/12 Tbq Co-60


19 Inches (48.3 cm)

Gamma Energy Range

1.17 to 1.33 MeV

Exposure Device

780 lbs ( 351kg)