• Optimum Performance with Koop Glass Filter
  • Non Heating, Easy to Handle & House.
  • Safety Bezel prevents accidental damage to filter & bulb.
  • Tough aluminum housing for rugged use.
  • Comfortable grip with concealed cable connection.
  • Optional built-in silent fan for forced cooling.

Technical specification


100 watts

Weight Lamp

1.3 kg a Control Unit 23 kg

Wave Length

365 nm

Visible Light Intensity

Less than 10 Lux / 1 foot candle

Uv Intensity At 33 CM

uW / cm-Nominal

Input Supply

22V, 50H, 1 Phase

Cooling Fan

Provided in Model no BL-100F

Cable Length

5 meters (between lamp & control unit) 3 meters (power supply cord)

Bulb Life

2500 Hours approximately